End of Life Care in the Prison Environment: Updated August 1, 2021


In the following pages is a representative sample of articles, reports, etc., on hospice and palliative care in the prison environment noted over the past five years (2017-2021) in the weekly report Media Watch.

Although a universal public health issue, it is in the United States that most interest and attention has been afforded the aging and the terminally ill prison population.

This backgrounder begins with a selection of articles by way of a broad overview of the issue, followed by additional articles, etc., (in descending order of publication) that offer a national and (in the U.S.) stateby- state overview. This is followed by a list of articles, etc., from a variety of sources on end-of-life care in the prison systems in Australia, Canada, China, France, Ireland, New Zealand, Poland, Russia, Switzerland and the U.K.