Media Watch: August 2022


Articles of particular interest in the latest Media Watch Supplement on end-of-life care for underserved and vulnerable population (copy attached):

‘An Interprofessional Approach to Holistic End-of-Life Care in the Long-Term Care Setting,’ University of Iowa College of Nursing.

This guideline was developed from an exhaustive literature review and synthesis of current evidence on identifying end-of-life care in long-term care facilities. Research and other evidence, such as guidelines and standards from professional organizations, were critiqued, analyzed, and used as supporting evidence.

‘Identifying barriers and facilitators of translating research evidence into clinical practice: A systematic review of reviews,’ Health & Social Care in the Community.

This systematic review highlights the key barriers and facilitators for translating research to clinical practice at the individual and organisational levels.

‘Contribution of Eastern Mediterranean Region countries to palliative care journals from 1991 to 2020 and its relationship to the development of palliative care,’ BMC Palliative Care.

There is a slow, steady increase in the PC research from the Eastern Mediterranean Region which corresponds to the slow palliative care (PC) movement in the region as a whole. A metric based on publications in specialized PC journals may be useful in evaluating the development of PC in countries.


Media Watch: July 2022


After 15 years, and 750+ weekly issues, Media Watch ceased publication in April 2022. Periodically, however, I will be circulating a list of recent articles, reports, studies, etc., that focus attention specifically on access to palliative and quality end-of-life care for selected, underserved and vulnerable populations. The first is attached. Articles of particular interest are “flagged.”

In addition, included in the attached are listings of selected articles, etc., under the headings ‘Research Matters,’ ‘Publishing Matters’ and ‘Workplace Issues.’

Media Watch 757


Of particular interest in this week’s issue of Media Watch (copy attached):

Death, dying and suffering: The need for medical education reform

Accountable and transparent palliative quality measures will improve care

Identifying barriers and facilitators to palliative care integration in the management of hospitalized patients with COVID-19: A qualitative study

Palliative care: Walking through the primary school gate


Media Watch 756


Of particular interest in this week’s issue of Media Watch (copy attached):

Palliative care for older people with dementia: We need a paradigm shift in our approach

Dignity in care at the end of life in a nursing home: An ethnographic study

Patient and family caregiver concordance and discordance: A systematic review and narrative synthesis