Media Watch 755


Of particular interest in this week’s, “must read” issue of Media Watch (copy attached):

A realist evaluation of a home-based end-of-life care service for children and families: What works, for whom, how, in what circumstances and why?

Mindful self-care, self-compassion, and resilience among palliative care providers during the COVID-19 pandemic

Nurturing socio-culturally and medically appropriate palliative care delivery: Lessons learned by Israeli medical faculty

Clinical guidance in neuropalliative care: An American Academy of Neurology position statement


Media Watch 754

Of particular interest in this week’s issue of Media Watch (copy attached):

Caught in a loop with advance care planning and advance directives: How to move forward?

Poverty, choice and dying in the U.K.: A call to examine whether public health approaches to palliative care address the needs of low-income communities

The last year of life for patients dying from cancer vs. non-cancer causes: A retrospective cross-sectional survey of bereaved relatives


Media Watch Supplement (Ukraine)


Terminally ill children flee war-torn Kharkiv on makeshift medical train

UKRAINE | CNN (Cable News Network) – 5 March 2022 – The medical team is not entirely sure what to expect as the train creaks to a stop in the darkness near the Ukraine-Polish border, just inside Ukraine. A bus’s headlights inch forward. Eugenia Szuszkiewicz, a pediatrician and palliative care (PC) specialist, can feel the anxiety balling up in her stomach. The doctor’s stress levels are through the roof. This is a dangerous journey for children who need PC in the best of circumstances. Now 12 of them are doing it in a war. Small and frail bodies are hoisted up for the last time in weary mothers’ arms as they descend from the bus. Some are gently handed over to waiting doctors and nurses. For others, their health is too delicate and requires extra help to safely transport them on to the train…


‘European Association for Palliative Care Statement on the Ukraine Crises.’ Accessed 6 March 2022.


‘Médecins Sans Frontières Mobilizes Response in Ukraine and Nearby Countries.’ Accessed 6 March 2022.


‘Palliative Care in Humanitarian Aid Situations & Emergencies Statement on the Humanitarian Crisis in Ukraine.’ Accessed 6 March 2022.


Media Watch 753


Of particular interest in this week’s issue of Media Watch (copy attached):

The Quebec Observatory on End-of-Life Care for People with Dementia: Implementation and preliminary findings

End-of-Life Aid Skills for Everyone in Scotland

Introducing the special collection on palliative care for LGBTQ2S+ individuals and families