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By Palliative Care Network March 9, 2022

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Terminally ill children flee war-torn Kharkiv on makeshift medical train

UKRAINE | CNN (Cable News Network) – 5 March 2022 – The medical team is not entirely sure what to expect as the train creaks to a stop in the darkness near the Ukraine-Polish border, just inside Ukraine. A bus’s headlights inch forward. Eugenia Szuszkiewicz, a pediatrician and palliative care (PC) specialist, can feel the anxiety balling up in her stomach. The doctor’s stress levels are through the roof. This is a dangerous journey for children who need PC in the best of circumstances. Now 12 of them are doing it in a war. Small and frail bodies are hoisted up for the last time in weary mothers’ arms as they descend from the bus. Some are gently handed over to waiting doctors and nurses. For others, their health is too delicate and requires extra help to safely transport them on to the train...


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