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I contacted the Palliative Care Network regarding ‘Capturing A Short Life’, a documentary film I produced about infant loss. I was hopeful that they would be willing to put a link for my film on their site, they have exceeded my hopes and expectations. I was offered the opportunity to speak about the film, and the process of making the film, as part of one of their audio sessions. Several PCN members volunteered their time on a weekend to spend a couple of hours in conversation with me about the project. They have since followed up with another audio session with one of the families who was part of the film. Both sessions, from my perspective, have been conducted in a professional, safe and engaging manner.

Further, after the initial session, Sandy Wolf was instrumental in helping to create the facilitator’s guide for the film, again giving a tremendous amount of time and energy.

I have been continually impressed with the level of feedback, organization and cohesiveness the network embodies. Every interaction is friendly, professional, supportive, well thought out and comprehensive. I feel that this is a team that really cares about understanding the issues involved in palliative care, furthering their own knowledge and educating others. I have nothing but thanks to give and good things to say.

We have started a Pediatric Comfort Pain Management and Palliative Care Program. As part of the creation of this` program, we had to clearly define the role of a social worker on this team. I began emailing various social workers in the US who were already involved in such programs. I received numerous correspondence and helpful information. It is great to know that we have a community where we can refer to when seeking professional assistance. Thank you palliative care network!

I am a nurse from Malawi. I would like to thank Dr. Zipporah Ali and Stephanie Reynolds, both of whom I contacted via Palliative Care Network, for providing me education and information to pursue my education in Palliative Care. Without the existence of Palliative care network, I wouldn’t have probably been able to pursue with my palliative care career. I wish to encourage others to take advantage of this network in advancing Palliative Care services in their areas. Thank you so much, Palliative Care Network.

The Palliative Care Network recently advertised my call for collaborators for a project, “Mapping End-of-Life Experiences: Reconsidering the Contributions of Narratives by the Dying in Palliative and Hospice Care.” I have received several responses from colleagues in various parts of the world who have expressed an interest. I look forward to working together to explore various patterns of the experiential dimensions that constitute “end-of-life” from the patients’ perspective, and to hearing from others who have the interest and time to join this project that is intended to contribute to improved compassionate care to the dying. Thank you Palliative Care Network for your support and kindness.

I wanted to share my feedback on my interaction with another professional from the Philippines using this website. I had a positive experience using this form of communication. It was so interesting to share various interventions with others who are interested in and work with chronic pain in the pediatric population. I enjoyed being able to provide alternative interventions and suggestions. I look forward to more positive interactions using this site, gaining additional knowledge through others can only benefit me and my patients. Thank you Palliative Care Network for giving me the opportunity to share my knowledge and gain knowledge from others.

Thanks for the service for the propagation of Palliative care knowledge. I want to thank my colleague who sent me useful information while I was organizing the Palliative Care Service in our hospital. It was a successful partnership.

The connection that I made through Palliative Care Network has proven to be valuable to me. I contacted Jody Chrastek at the Children’s Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota. She provided me information that has been very useful. I have been disseminating this information to member hospices and palliative care providers, which in turn will be beneficial at the national level. In addition, Jody has provided information about available training opportunities. I look forward to continuing this indispensable relationship.

We have been able to connect with each other and have exchanged many emails sharing our experiences and knowledge. We thank Palliative Care Network for this connection and the support it has provided both personally and professionally. We’re sharing techniques that help us professionally in our work in palliative care and grief and loss, particularly as it relates to cultural issues, myths and norms. Despite out geographic and cultural differences, we share many similar work experiences that add to the overwhelming sense of appreciation for this program!

The Palliative Care Network really is a “network” creating and building collegial relationships and support! We hope it enables the same for other Palliative Care professionals from around the world.

Upon completion of the pilot project, I went to India and had the honor of meeting the participants. I had the most humbling experience when I met the daughter of one of the patients. I did not realize how much of an impact such a simple commitment could make. Her mother was in pain for months from metastatic cancer. Once the palliative care team got involved, she lived pain free for weeks. The daughter cherishes those last weeks with her mother where she was able to interact normally with her family. She was sitting by her mother when she died. She said it was so peaceful that she didn’t realize her mother had passed until she checked on her. Her words have been an inspiration to start this website so that others like her can benefit from the expertise of palliative care colleagues from around the world.