Parag Bharadwaj, MD, Los Angeles, USA

By Palliative Care Network May 3, 2018

Upon completion of the pilot project, I went to India and had the honor of meeting the participants. I had the most humbling experience when I met the daughter of one of the patients. I did not realize how much of an impact such a simple commitment could make. Her mother was in pain for months from metastatic cancer. Once the palliative care team got involved, she lived pain free for weeks. The daughter cherishes those last weeks with her mother where she was able to interact normally with her family. She was sitting by her mother when she died. She said it was so peaceful that she didn’t realize her mother had passed until she checked on her. Her words have been an inspiration to start this website so that others like her can benefit from the expertise of palliative care colleagues from around the world.

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