Intersection of Spiritual Care and Palliative Care: Meet Simon Harrison


Meet Simon Harrison, who has been involved in Healthcare Chaplaincy for 25 years.  He is currently the ‘pastoral care lead’ and ‘Lead Chaplain,’ at the Royal Devon and Exeter hospital, and the Exeter ‘Nightingale hospital.’

His local responsibilities include leading on End of Life Chaplaincy, both strategically on their end-of-life group and as a member of the weekly palliative MDT.  Nationally he is the President of the College of Health Care Chaplains (CHCC)- the largest professional body for health and social care Chaplaincy in the UK.

Intersection of Spiritual Care and Palliative Care: Meet Nahla Madan


Meet Nahla Madan a physician on palliative care team at  King Fahad Specialist Hospital in Dammam KFSHD, Saudi Arabia.  She has been working as a consultant physician in palliative medicine for eleven years and in family medicine in 30 years.

Her team consists of physicians, palliative nurses, nurse coordinators, a spiritual advisor, a social worker, a psychologist, clinical pharmacists, a pain management team, and a great palliative home care team. The team cares for a wide geographical area, approximately more than three million people.


Intersection of Spiritual Care and Palliative Care: Meet Helma Aniceta-van Maanen


Meet Helma Aniceta-van Maanen .  She has worked as a chaplain/spiritual counselor in a hospital in the Hague, the Netherlands, since April 2020. Her areas of responsibility are direct care for patients, clinical lectures for caregivers on topics of the meaning of life, intercultural care, spirituality in palliative care, and I am chair of the ethical committee.


Intersection of Spiritual Care and Palliative Care: Meet Excyna Chakwawa


Meet Excyna Chakwawa, a Nurse Midwife Technician in Malawi at the Castel Malawi Company. I have responsibilities in providing nursing care, psychological care, and counseling, and I have been working in different hospitals during my clinical practice. I have experience in palliative care, where we provide holistic and spiritual care to our patients.